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This Young Neighbor Understands Target Marketing Perfectly We have just moved into a great new neighborhood with plenty of energetic young kids. While I was out walking our dog, Mia, I was delighted to discover that we have a young marketing-savvy entrepreneur in our midst.  This smart young person has launched a dog sitting service and has figured out how to target that service perfectly to prime prospects. We all know how important it is to deliver our marketing messages to those who are best positioned to purchase our products and services.  Our local dog sitting entrepreneur gets it exactly right. We have strategically stationed dog poop drop off canisters around the community. Obviously, only those folks who are out walking their dogs and thinking about canine-related stuff will encounter this marketing message. Folks who don’t have a dog won’t go anywhere near... (more)

Here’s a Terrific Low Cost Way to Share Your Great Work and Ideas with Prospects Online

Phillywordsmith, Emily Sheetz, puts Google Docs to work with a simple, but engaging online slide show for her small business. There’s plenty that I love about the web. Discovering new people from whom I can learn is one of the most rewarding. Recently, I lucked onto the PhillyWordsmith blog and wrote about her powerful conceptual construct for drilling down to your brand’s core promise: And Then What? The Question to Ask, Ask, and Ask Again to Get to Your Product’s Soul Now, I found something else that’s pretty cool on her site. Emily shares representative samples of her creative... (more)

Why Your Website is Just the Beginning of an Online Strategy

Of course you need a website.  But, you need a lot more to succeed. Your website is a primary location for product and service information for which your customers are searching.  Moreover, it should follow the content marketing mandate of customer centricity.  That is, your website must reflect an understanding of what’s most important to your customers in the way that you present content about who you are, what you sell, and why your visitors should care.  But, that’s still just the essential foundation. An effective website is necessary but not sufficient as an online marketing... (more)

Deliver a Content Marketing K.O. with a One-Two Radio Combination

Build Your Brand and Your Business by Using Local Radio to Drive Prospects to Your Blog The key to a powerful online presence is great content that targets your best buyers.  Over time, as you increase the critical mass of relevant and compelling content, you will attract increasing levels of traffic.  This is the essence of content marketing strategy.  But, you can do more without breaking the bank by extending and enhancing your online persona with carefully crafted radio commercials. Although traditional media is facing enormous challenges, smart media companies will certainl... (more)

The Content Marketing Secret of Small Publishers

Content Marketing Journal When You Deliver Great Content and Control a Critical Buyer Database You Drive Sales Although they are in the advertising business, small publishing companies have never done much advertising for their magazines. The reasons were simple, but not necessarily obvious: They didn’t have to—and it wouldn’t work if they tried it. By emulating the best practices of small publishing companies, you can minimize traditional marketing costs, too. Believe it or not, it all comes back to content marketing.  Why publishers can market effectively without advertising H... (more)